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Visual Reflexology ebook

It has been known for thousands of years that what we feel on the feet can tell us about the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of a person. But recently, reflexologists have come to realise that this is also reflected in the appearance of the feet, and looking for evidence of it is known as foot reading.

Angela has written an ebook explaining the importance of Visual Reflexology and Foot Reading and their growth in the profession of reflexology. It is recommended reading for students by many of the UK's main reflexology colleges. For those curious to understand more about what Visual reflexology entails, Angela was interviewed by Mystic Mag online Magazine recently.

Visual Reflexology eBook & Workshops . Angela's ebook: Visual Reflexology

Buy the Book

The book is interactive and includes technique videos and hundreds of colour photos and images to illustrate how to foot read. It costs £29.99 and is available to download here. For more information about the book's content, go to



Visual Reflexology Workshops

Angela also runs regular workshops on Visual Reflexology throughout the UK & Ireland for reflexologists and reflexology students. They are suitable for all levels of experience and are approved by the AoR and the NRRI, and are valid for CPD points. If you would like more information on the workshops, continue to scroll down

Book on a Workshop

Use the form below to book on a website. There is also the option to pay in euros for the workshops in Ireland (2nd button below). If you'd like to contact me about a workshop, use the form in the sidebar. (NOTE if you do not see a reply check your junk folder.)

payment options
payment options

Workshop T&C
1. A deposit of £45 or eu50 is required to reserve your place in the workshop.
This is non-refundable as it covers administration costs.
2. A balancing payment of £95 or eu115 is required at the latest 2 weeks before the workshop. This is to confirm your place and ensure the costs of running the workshop are covered.
This can only be refunded if someone else takes your place in the same workshop.
GDPR: Your participation in the workshop means you have permitted the trainer to store your details for as long as necessary to fulfil all the teaching requirements of the day.



Visual Reflexology eBook & Workshops . workshop

About the Workshops


Learn to Read the Feet

The workshops are based on her eBook on Visual Reflexology and Foot Reading. For more information about how to access the eBook -

What participants have said about past workshops:

“Fantastic day, I can’t thank you enough for opening our minds to your amazing visual reflexology” (Lisa Wallis)

"The visual reflexology workshop with Angela was a mind blowing experience. I knew our feet can tell so much about us, but this was on another level and dimension” (Healing Tree Reflexology)

“Wonderful, full of new ideas, approaches, and fun. Thank you!! (Alex Kime)

Developing Visual Skills

Visual skills are not a specific technique; they are more like the palpatory skills we have in our hands and are something we all possess and develop as our career progresses. Just as the more time we spend touching the feet, the more sensitive our hands become to their various textures and energies, the longer we spend looking at the feet, the more sensitive our eyes become to reading the visual clues they give us. The workshop helps guide you in the development of your natural visual skills and how to apply them in your practice.

(I also run the Visual Reflexology Facebook group with over 5000 members, and all reflexologists and students are very welcome to join us.)


If you, your venue, or your group would like to host a workshop, please let me know. Students and college bookings are very welcome.
(Click on the venue name for more information about the venue itself and scroll down for booking info.)


Workshop Content

INTRODUCTION: Uses of foot reading and how to incorporate it into your practice

THEORY: A slide presentation of various feet explaining how to carry out a visual analysis.

PRACTICAL: Studying each other's feet and looking out for what they tell us about each individual's health. Focusing on the tension in the muscles, the condition of the veins and nails, and the colour, texture, and hydration of the skin at all the various reflexes.

How the appearance of the feet shows how effective your treatments are.
How it can guide the questions you ask of clients.
Seeing how long to spend on each reflex and which techniques to use.
Reading imbalances between the two sides of the body in differences in between the feet.
Reading the feet to focus the mind and remain engaged with the client's energy.
Evaluating the health of clients who cannot communicate clearly.
Learning new techniques based on reading the reflexes.
Looking at the feet as a 3D microcosm of the body rather than flat 2D charts.
Making visual notes and taking photos of the feet as a form of record keeping

Visual Reflexology eBook & Workshops . AORCPD


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