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"Great service to have Angela come to your home so there's no travelling after such a relaxing treatment - I get to stay on the sofa and rest" Kim Cox

When should I have Reflexology?
Have treatments as often as you like for general well being, or if you feel run down or stressed and anxious.
If you have a specific health problem several treatments are usually advised at weekly intervals to support you until your health improves.

Maternity Reflexology
I also specialise in reflexology before, during and after pregnancy. Reflexology is one of the most popular therapies for pregnant women and for couples trying to conceive, whether naturally or with assistance. It is completely safe to have in all stages of pregnancy and pre-conception. Please look at my page: Maternity Reflexology for more information.

Pre & Post Operative treatments
Reflexology will help to prepare you for an operation by calming you and assisting you to sleep well. It can also aid your recovery afterwards by stimulating your circulation and boosting your immune system. I regularly give treatments to clients in hospital.

Your Treatment. lotus2

During a Treatment
While you are lying down relaxing with your legs & feet raised we will discuss your medical history & general lifestyle, and how you hope to benefit from reflexology. Various massaging techniques and pressure will be applied to your feet in order to stimulate your body's own healing processes. The pressure used varies but will never be too painful and the treatment will normally be extremely relaxing.

My clients often find that they feel an awareness in their own body corresponding to the sensitivities I am feeling in their feet. This can be a sensation of heat or cold or a feeling of energy passing into a part of the body which they are currently having health problems with. In this way we can work together to pinpoint areas of the body that can benefit from reflexology and look at more general lifestyle changes.

Treatments usually last an hour, but it is possible to have a longer treatment if wished. The body's response to a treatment can happen during the session itself or in the days afterwards.

Sometimes there will be a 'healing reaction' where similar sensations to the problem itself such as a slight headache, will occur. These reactions are usually minor and simply an indication that the treatment is working. Follow-up appointments will focus on how you have been since your last treatment.



Will it hurt!? Reflexology is usually extremely relaxing and any discomfort felt should never be beyond what you are happy to accept. Pressure can easily be altered depending on the needs of the client.

What if my feet are ticklish? If a gentle but firm pressure is used ticklish feet are usually very receptive to reflexology, possibly because of their sensitivity. If your feet can't be worked on for any reason all the reflexes can be found and worked on your hands - many people find this form of treatment just as helpful.

What if my feet have verrucas, swelling, bunions etc? Verrucas, bunions, corns etc. all relate to the health of the reflexes on which they develop. Reflexology will help as it boosts circulation to the affected areas. (Verrucas can be worked around or covered with a plaster).

Can it ease aches & pains in my feet? Like a foot massage it will help relax the feet and improve circulation easing any pain. However specific aches in the feet also relate to areas of the body, so reflexology will go one step further.





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